Utilizing Local Business Listings to Market Your Business

Dear Professor Bruce: I am the owner of a small electronics business. The traditional yellow pages are not as effective as they once were and are being replaced by local business listings. How can I use local business listings to market my business to the local consumers?

If you are a business dependent upon the local consumer for your revenue, then local business listings at multiple local listing websites is an important local business marketing tool for you. Here are a few important tips:

Claim Your Local Listing: By claiming your listing you are effectively protecting your listing from hijackings and also allowing yourself to use your local business listing as a marketing tool.

Update Your Local Listing: Not only insure that all your basic business information is accurate, but add photos, videos, coupons, and events to your local business listing. The added information helps your ranking position amongst local listings and the consumers have more information to entice them to your business.

Monitor Your Local Listing: Consumers have been posting their experience about a business, products and services into local listings for years. Business owners who have been less than aware of this practice are finding themselves in a public relations problem. These reviews show up in web searches and mobile searches. Monitoring and managing these reviews will insure that you are up to date on any problems and also encourage customers to post positive reviews too.

With each marketing tool come the management and the time it takes to insure that it is effective. We have to keep in mind that this work has to be performed at multiple local listing websites. If you are constrained with your time resources, there are Local Business Listing Management Services that can help you.

The internet has become an effective marketing source for the local business dependent upon the local consumer for their revenue through web searches and mobile searches. Tap into the power of Local Business Listing!

For further information, please visit www.smartfindslocallisting.com

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