Small businesses can conserve energy

Dear Professor Bruce: I’m a new business owner. How can I conserve energy at my small, chocolate factory and make a better working environment for my employees?

According to Pervaiz Lodhie, founder of LEDtronics, Inc.,small business owners can conserve energy and create a much better working environment simply by changing old fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting, or light emitting diodes.

With older technology lighting like incandescents, halogens, CFLs, and fluorescents, it was generally “one shoe fits all”. With LEDs properly selected to suit the application, you end up using less wattage and getting more light where you need it.

In addition, Lodhie recommends LEDs to small business owners for several other reasons:

LEDs can be directional, medium beam or wide illumination as required.Today’s LED technology is made for all applications and industries. You can obtain lighting that concentrates light on the appropriate areas both inside and outside of your chocolatefactory without causing light pollution or wasting money lighting areas that do not need to be lit.

LEDs are silent, turn on instantly, have color choices suitable to enhance application Old, fluorescent lights tend to flicker and make noise. In addition to being annoying, this flicker effect can be unhealthy to employees and even cause headaches and illness in some cases.Unlike old fluorescent lamps that take time to obtain full brightness and can be very hot to the touch, LED lamps turn on immediately and remain much cooler. Properly selected color temperature, beam angle and placement of the LED lights will not only bring out the true, chocolate product colors being produced, but also provide better illumination of the manufacturing process which will help improve quality.

LEDs offer easy maintenance.


Instead of interrupting employees and reducing manufacturing time to regularly repair, replace and maintain old, fluorescent light tubes, LED bulbs can go years before they need to be changed. You don’t need to worry about glass near food-manufacturing areas.Since air conditioning is needed to keep storage of the finished, chocolate products and final production areas of the process cool, the LED lighting source reduces the energy load on the A/C system giving you more efficiency that would contribute to lower maintenance as well.

Provide a better working environment to employees while conserving energy. While LEDs may cost more upfront than old, incandescent,
halogen or fluorescent bulb lighting, in the long-term, small business owners
can use them to conserve energy, reduce wasted light pollution and save on
maintenance costs. And at the same time, LEDs can provide light that works
perfectly for employees to be productive and enjoy their work environment a
little more.

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