A Winning PR Tool – Publish an Article

Dear Professor Bruce: I have been trying to get publicity for my small business. Except for a minor mention in the local town newspaper, I have not been very successful. Do you have any suggestions?


Publishing an article is one of the greatest public relations tools. It positions you to look like an expert and gets you free publicity . Here are some helpful tips to get the process going:

1-     Call 3 editors who write about the subject matter you are interested in writing an
article about. Journalists are knowledgeable and will usually share some ideas. Ask them what their readership is looking for. (Writing about your company or product is often too narrow, however, if what you are doing fits into a trend or has a broader audience appeal you may be on your way to a published article.)

2-     Look through the business sections of some major publications. What are 3 of themajor issues? What is your opinion? Write it down and embellish. Having a contrary opinion is often what publications look for.

3-    Develop a list of business publications (or any other type of publications) from the
smallest unheard  publication to major players in that space. Call or email each editor and explain the key points. You may not get published in a national business publication the first time you write an article, however getting published in a small business news publication makes you a published a writer Your second article will be easier to pitch since you are starting to have a track record.

4-     When you get published in even the smallest newsletter send it to your entire
database. Send them the link so they have to go to the publication website. The last paragraph of any article you write will have a short bio about you with your contact information. Now you are a published author, an authority and you just got a free commercial.

For more information, visit www.prolinepr.com.


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