Elise Oesterreich’s Resume Advice to Students Distributed Nationwide

Elise Oesterreich, a Stillman student and a social media intern for ProLine Communications, advises peers in Scripps Howard column distributed to 350 newspapers nationwide. The weekly column, Ask The Small Business Professor, is written by Bruce Freeman, founder of ProLine Communications and Stillman School adjunct professor of management and entrepreneurship.

Recently Freeman received a question from a college student asking for advice on how to enhance the resume and build entrepreneurial skills. Freeman immediately thought of his social media intern and the value of peer-to-peer feedback.

In her response, Oesterreich encourages students to highlight their technological and social media skills, skills many employers look for in a young employee.

“If you know how to use the Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop, you should include that on your resume. You should also include different social networking sites that you know how to use, not only for yourself, but also for an employer.”

She also encourages students to start a blog where they can post professional content about an interest and then include the blog link when submitting applications or resumes.

Lastly Oesterreich encourages students to gain a better understanding of their Klout score, which is a measure of social media influence.

“Most companies hiring new employees look for people with a Klout score of 45 or higher, which means as an entrepreneur, you would aim for a Klout score of 50 or higher, but closer to the 60 range if you want to have true success in your entrepreneurial endeavor.”

Oesterreich, Class of 2014, is a marketing major with a minor in international business. She is from Orange County, California, and plans to pursue a career in market research or social media marketing. She continues to add to her skill set off campus via her social media internship, and on campus as head of marketing for the SHU Gaming Sector and as the new social media executive for the University’s Marketing Club.

For more information please contact:
Bruce Freeman
(973) 716-9457

See the original post at: http://www.shu.edu/news/article/441293


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