College students prepare for entrepreneurial world

Dear Professor Bruce: I am a college junior. While I am trying to build a resume for a job after college, I am also trying to build some entrepreneurial skill sets. What do you suggest?

While you may be preparing to enter a difficult job market upon graduating college and are anxious for stability, you need not worry about having a great deal of valuable experience on your resume. What you’ll find is that as a member of our society’s technological generation, you already have various skills that many who are years older than you cannot acquire or even begin to understand.

According to Elise Oesterreich, a student at Seton Hall University’s Stillman School of Business and a social media marketing intern for ProLine Communications, many college juniors and seniors neglect to mention their technological skills on their resume when those are the skills that employers need or want in a youthful employee. “An easy way”, says Oesterreich “is to amp your resume is to include the different types of software you know how to use. If you know how to use Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop, you should include that on your resume. You should also include different social networking sites that you know how to use not only for yourself, but would be able to apply your said knowledge of the site for an employer.”

Run a blog or a website where you post professional content about an interest that you would like to pursue professionally that you should include a link to those sites as well when submitting applications or sending resumes because companies look forward to seeing what type of insight you can give on subjects of interest. Not only will maintaining these sites show the company that you are dedicated to learning about that area of study, but it will show them that you have drive and potential.

A way to test your social media influence and see exactly how influential you would be if you decided to start up your own business is to make an account on the new social networking site, Klout, which will measure your influence through the online world by checking your statistics on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to generate a score of what your social media influence is. Most companies hiring new employees look for people with a Klout score of 45 or higher, which means as an entrepreneur you would aim for a Klout score of 50 or higher, but closer to the 60 range if you want to have true success in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

(Bruce Freeman is president of ProLine Communications and co-author of “Birthing the Elephant.” He teaches at Seton Hall and Kean universities. Email Follow Bruce on Twitter @SmallBizProf and his Facebook
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