Technology tips for small business

Dear Professor Bruce: I own a small, tax business. How can I use technology to be more efficient and reach more customers?

Technology can significantly help your business increase sales, but it’s important to conduct research and purchase the right services for your specific needs and budget.

Tom Wheelwright, a Rich Dad Advisor via The Rich Dad Company and author of “Tax-Free Wealth” offers several tips:

Conduct research and see what is available. Look at what the competition is doing and talk to several associates and potential vendors. Then, test the technology to see if it meets your specific needs.

For example, consider using a company offering CPA-specific, network-technology consulting, cloud networks, help desk support, and local, network-implementation-services for accounting firms.

After a demonstration,training and a test period, a company like this can provide a Cloud-based solution for all of the tax business’ needs. This type of technology allows you to use independent contractors anywhere in the world while maintaining high security-levels and offering a formal ticketing-system, security to protect confidential information and automatic updates.

By finding the right technology, a tax business can successfully  meet the growing demand for virtual solutions and reduce paper shuffling.

The key to using technology to increase customers efficiently is to avoid all of the exciting,
“bells and whistles” technology firms offer and focus on your specific goals. It’s also essential to do your due diligence. Begin the process by writing down your goals and spending limit. Then, ask associates, check out the competition and request  demonstrations and tests to narrow down your choices and see what will really works.

This way, you can see if the technology company provides adequate customer service to answer your questions quickly and offers the right support. More important, you can see if
you are going to spend your time, money and effort on technology that will actually provide the results you are looking for cost-effectively.

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