Women vets locked out

With the economy still in a free fall, one population that’s having a tough time landing jobs is female veterans. According to one source, 20% or more of female veterans are finding themselves locked out of the job market. Armed with lots of training and leadership skills gathered in their military experience many of these women are pursuing a different path and taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

But this is a brave new world for many of these inspiring women who’ve given so much to America: they need all the help that we can give them as a society — especially in
today’s challenging economy. That’s why it’s exciting to hear that there are
new training and mentor programs being created to help support them.

Karin Abarbanel, co-author of Birthing the Elephant, is contributing a chapter called “Women Veterans: Launching a Small Business,” to a book-in-progress focusing on the crisis in veteran unemployment that will be published in Spring of 2013. In her chapter, she offers advice on surviving the emotional roller coaster of a launch and resources that female vets can turn to for ongoing support.

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